Saturday, June 15, 2013

Eight Tips For Work At Home Parents

1. Create A Routine

A schedule that doesn't fit your family's needs will never meet your needs. This is something I neglected and wish I would've done it sooner. Not only do children respond better to routine, but you can get a lot done when your kids are on a schedule. As much as a kid may hate it they need it, and so do we. 

  • This will ensure that you can tend to other responsibilities outside your work
  • A great way to shift your focus on chores, spending time with the kids, and maintaining time for yourself.
2. Don't Let Work Consume Your Life

It's so easy to find yourself spending a lot of time in your work, especially if you've just started working from home. When I began working from home, I was excited about building my business that I began to overwhelm myself. Soon after I stayed up late trying to make everything perfect, and learn everything I could. Doing this led to me losing communication and experiencing a social life. 
We're not made to sit at a desk all day. 

  • Take your kids to the park
  • Schedule lunch with a friend
  • Have a girl/guy night out
  • Catch a movie 
3. Constantly Analyze Your Progress

"Are you being productive," is a question I constantly ask myself during work hours. I have to catch myself wasting time organizing e-mails, playing with the kids, or on Facebook.

Ask yourself this question from time to time. It's a great reminder to stay on track, and maintain good productivity.

  • Set your own goals
  • Think of any problems you may be having and come up with a solution 
  • Create quotas for yourself

4. Network, communicate, and befriend other work from home parents.

This is a great way to meet other parents, as well as share and grow your business. You can also learn about the many other available work at home opportunities and business.

  • Join work at home & parenting groups 
  • Reach out to others 
  • Join online communities for parents & work at home parents
  • Join hangouts & conference calls with people who share common interests.
5. Reserve time for your Family 

Don't just reserve time when you have time, always make time. It's so important to spend personal time with our family time goes by so quickly, take time for your family. It's easy to get caught up with work, and our everyday lives, but it's a necessity to invest time the people that make up our homes.

6. Supermom & Superdad is just a myth! Accept it.

Parenting is a lot in itself, when you add in work, and all our other responsibilities. It's no wonder we try to do it all. 

When I first started working from home I tried to everything.  I had to discover that it's never going to be all done. If you take one thing off your to-do list tow more things come.

A friend came to me, and told me that I wasn't much fun to be around. I stayed irritable from having so much to do, tired from not getting enough sleep, and moody from never feeling like I was accomplishing anything. Who would've guessed that I get more done now than ever!   The best part about it is I don't overwork myself when I'm tired, I rest.

Let your batteries recharge, your work will be there tomorrow.

7. Create a.............. night
  • Movie 
  • Taco 
  • Party 
  • Sleep Over 
  • Game
  • Family 
  • Theme
Fill in the blank, whatever is suitable for you and your family. Creating something for you and your family to do together will bring a lot of fun into your home. 

I love to have movie nights!
I'll get all kinds of snacks and foods for the kids and I to have that night. (I definitely avoid sugary snacks, I don't want our movie night to last all night!) Once the snacks are out, I'll grab their toy box so they can pick out whatever toys they want to play with. Once the movie starts we're all snacking on some of our favorite foods, while they play with their toys. If we make it to a second movie, I'll put the toys up and we'll snuggle up and talk about the movie until we doze off. 

8. Keep your health a top priority

A healthy body is truly relaxing to the mind, making it easier to go back and conquer that project you've been working on all day. If you're feeling a little sluggish, mind clouded, or having difficulty working a trip to the gym can do you some justice. Besides, we have to be in top shape to maintain our homes, families, etc.


  1. These are great tips. I often find myself becoming consumed with work. (Like now, it's Saturday night and I reading other blogs).

    Sarah M Schultz

  2. My favorite one is "don't let work consume your life." It's so important to find balance between work and your personal life.

    1. That's actually the one that I struggle with the most myself.

  3. Very useful tips and they need time to practice, for it's not so easy to change the way of living :))) Thank you for them!

    1. No problem I just like passing off what I learn to others!
      Thanks for showing support!


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