The Trials Of A Single Parent

I originally created this blog to document  and keep track of any helpful information that I've learned over the years as a single mother.  After a little time, writing, and link sharing… I got a few likes, found some good resources, and now have resource page to go along with it. This has changed The Trials of a Single Parent into a directory for single parents, families, expecting mothers and fathers. I’m just so happy the direction that my blog is taking, and hope to continue to provide valuable information and resources that can continue to help.

My current goals for my blog:

·        To share advice and ideas that’s helped me as a single parent, mother, and mentor.
·        Provide free resources and opportunities that could be of benefit to readers.
·       To motivate single parents while sharing my experience as a single mother.
·        To share a little of my story and even learn yours for those that are willing to share!

The Kids

It took some work, some tears, and lots of dirty diapers, but we’re a family. They are my life, and are helping me shape and mold into the mother, mentor, wife, and friend I that I aim to be in life. They are breath of fresh air in a hard and forever changing world.  With their yin and yang personalities they make being a mother a wonderful experience, and I truly value them for that.

My daughter is a dominant and strong child; she is so bold and loves to come in a room a takeover.  Being around her is never boring; she’s always looking to make something to create excitement. She of course is the talker as well, and believes strongly in telling people to be nice, when they are not. 

My son is as quiet as a mouse but when in the presence of a playground can tackle everything in seconds. He loves toy cars and anything with Batman and the Teenage Mutant Turtles on it. In his spare time he loves flipping from couch to couch in our living room and watching his favorite cartoons.  

These two are my greatest accomplishment and my world, I love my family and I'm so happy to be able to share this with you.

About Me

Aside from being a single mommy of two, I’m a writer, a work at home advocate, and a fanatic for business. I have a niche for building and designing websites, making online templates, and finding free resources and online opportunities.
I’m currently in pursuit of getting back into school to get my associates in business. (Sadly, I had to take off) ….Other than that I love being a mom and learning about things that can help me improves as a parent.

What I do

Working for other people grew very exhausting and time consuming while raising two children, so I started my own business.

For more information about MitchMatch Multiservice, you’re more than welcome to visit our website…..

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