Friday, January 16, 2015

My Take On Freebies.... Plus Free Samples

I love freebies, coupons, deals , and discounts. It's just so satisfying in knowing that you snagged a good deal, saved some cash, or can even get something for absolutely nothing. 
When I found out that I was having my daughter, I spent hours on the web searching for free items and resources that could help me, and that's when I first learned about free samples. 
I also learned that there is a lot of junk on the web! Sign your kid up for this photo contest and share, win free diapers for a year, or fill out this long boring survey and get free samples (the fine print says purchase necessary).

You could assume, when I first began signing up for free samples, I was a little hesitant,  but it turned out to be quite beneficial. Although I didn't fully commit at that time in my life, samples begin rolling in! Every few months I found formula coupons, similar samples, and diaper samples! It was like Christmas. 
Fast forward, I recently got curious about online freebies again, and was amazed at all the available free stuff!

Online freebies have evolved in the last few years, there are many companies that offer free samples, and their is stuff for the whole family, even your pets.

So how does it work?
To simply put it... Companies will give away a free sample so people can try it and hopefully like the item enough to purchase the product. You don't have to pay for anything not even the shipping.

When will I receive my free stuff?
Don't worry you're going to receive your free samples, but I don't recommend holding your breath. A lot of the times products are distributed on a first come first served basis, so they send them when they are available. It's just honestly not always a timely manner.

95% of the samples I apply for I receive, so just remember to be patient.

When I started back ordering online freebies I didn't see anything for about three months, but after that it seemed like there was something in the mail box everyday.

What kinds of freebies and samples are available?
Makeup Samples
Baby Samples
Shampoo Samples
Free Books
Free Posters
Food Samples
Free Movies
Free ebooks
Free Antivirus Programs
Free Product Samples
......the list goes on

Are you ready to fill your mailbox?
Yes, I'm making it official, I'm going to be announcing and sharing freebie alerts and developing a huge list of freebies as I go. So make sure you subscribe today to get our latest updates on free samples, coupons, and more!

Look out for Freebie Alerts!

Get a free sample of Dove body wash courtesy of Sams Club! (Members Only)
Get a Poise liner kit for FREE
Get A free Lego Club Magazine for the kids!
Get a free sample of Truvia Natural Sweetener
Share a smile with your free Smile Round Sticker!

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  1. I love, love, love freebies - especially beauty ones! Little perfume samples and cosmetic sachets are so useful for travelling!

    Great post :)
    Charlotte xxx


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