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I created this blog not only to share my experiences, but share with you resources and advice that has been beneficial to me as a parent, and has helped me improve my overall parenting experience. 

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  1. Hello! Thanks for coming by my blog! Just wanted to let you know I am following you now on Google+ and through Networked Blogs.
    You're so beautiful!!! I love the photo of your above.
    Have a beautiful day!
    <3 Amanda*

    1. Thank you very much Amanda, your support is greatly appreciated!

  2. Hello! Thanks for coming by my blog! I'm now following you on Google+.


  3. Thanks for liking my fb page and stopping by my blog! Following via Google+, you're an amazing Mom!

  4. Returning the follow from Luker Family Tales Blog!

  5. Just wanted to say thanks so much for stoppin' by my site! It seems as though I'm already following you via Google+. I'm also following you via Bloglovin' :o) Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

  6. You like Monique parent huh type in syren and Monique. Parent. You will like what you see


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