Saturday, April 25, 2015

Freebies, Samples, and Such & Such

Adventures in Parenting (Parenting Book)
The booklet provides real-world examples and stories about how some families include responding, preventing, monitoring, modeling, and mentoring in their own daily parenting activities.

Eucerin Skincare Products (Lotion) 
Eucerin is offering a new sample of their repair lotion. When you receive your sample you'll also receive a high value coupon!!

Free Playtex Sport (Playtex Sample)
Request a free sample pack From Playtex liner or pad, and tampon.

Practical Money Skills (Free Resources)
Order by mail or download top quality financial literacy materials, including classroom modules, games DVDs and brochures, are free and available for access now by all educators, parents, and consumers.

Free Sample Of Arm & Hammer (Toothpaste)
Get a free sample of Arm & Hammer Truly Radiant toothpaste when you complete the request form.

IT Security for Dummies Booklet (Free Ebook)
Discover general IT threats, and recognize the biggest threat on your computer. No registration required. Just read or print! 

Friday, April 24, 2015

My Birthday Party Planning Checklist (With Tips)

Party planning can be quite difficult, especially  if you're new to the game and not exactly sure what to do. I assembled an easy, simple, and to the point check list with tips on hosting a successful birthday party. Save time, money, and energy planning your child's next birthday party!

  • Create a list of people you would like to invite
  • Pick a party theme
  • Clean Any dishes, tableware, or glasses you may need 
  • Decide what food you will serve
  • Go Grocery Shopping 
  • Order a cake unless you plan on baking one
  • Develop your music playlist 
  • Clean the house or party location 
  • Send out a party reminder 
  • Do any last minute shopping 
  • Put any pets away
  • Start decorating
  • Cook & Prep Food
  • Have food, games, and music available for guest 
  • Enjoy yourself

If you're going to host a party always remember it's best to develop a plan first, so that you're prepared and eliminate any added stress that comes alone with hosting a successful party. 

To avoid over spending while getting your party supplies, always set a spending limit and be firm! Expense doesn't make a party fun, it's the creativity the host puts into party, so think of ways to have fun while spending less.

Always keep a party short, especially if you're hosting a kids birthday party (two- three hours max).

Balloons, cups, napkins, plates, and plastic utensils, and decorations can be purchased at Walmart, Dollar General, and especially Dollar Tree and usually are a dollar a piece.

Make sure you have snacks available for when your guest arrive, and activities available to keep the kids busy. 
-dance contest
-musical chairs

For more party planning tips check out:

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