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When I first became a single mother I had no clue what a beneficial resource it was for me and my family. There is nothing more satisfying than finding things that can make our lives easier, and you can find an endless amount of programs online. There are programs that help with family issues, business development, and online opportunities and so much more. I created this page to share links to a variety of different sites that can be beneficial for you and your family. 

updated: January 8, 2015

Family Assistance

Free Certification Courses & Online Training

  • Saylor has over 300 courses that are absolutely free and available a printable certification upon completion of your course.Earn college credit with
  • Open Culture doesn't offer actual courses but is a large database of courses, lessons, and audio which is a great resource for college students
  • Did you know that Microsoft has a school? Microsoft Virtual Academy is a FREE online academy that provides IT training courses and certifications. 

  • Would you like to develop your skills in business or management? Master class management offers free online courses on management and leadership training and certifications
  • The National Science Academy offers free certification classes through online courses and exams. Get certifications in PC Basics, Computer Hardware, Javascript, Microsoft Office, and more.
Mom Communities

Business Opportunities

Blogging or Content Contributor 

Interview Transcribers

Complete Tasks 

  • Complete various small market research tasks with special I phone App. 
  • Tasks range from writing text content, data entry, web research, product review and data tagging. You have to complete an assessment before you can work.
  • Complete various small market research tasks with special I phone app. Tasks may vary, you may need to check prices in stores, take photos of products & pen reviews, or complete surveys.
  • Make money clicking on the results from the search engines
  • Get paid to perform the tasks that computers can't do.

  • Contains a wide variety of technical, data entry, accounting, and other freelance and temp Jobs.
  • Marketplace with people looking for different services, individual asking for help with tasks, and other imaginable & unimaginable requests.
  • Expert in the field? Do you have a passion for teaching?You can tutor someone online or host webinars for tutoring, homework help, career and education.
  • High tech workers seeking short- term contracts.Freelance positions available for commissioned work.
  •  One of the world's largest micro task marketplace for services starting at $5 per gig
  • A global outsourcing marketplace, where freelancers and employees can interact.

Create & Design A Blog

Sell Art

Got Resources?

If you have any resources or free tools that you think would be a perfect fit for our resource page, please contact me. We welcome all resources, links, and tools that can benefit our readers,family, and children. 

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