Thursday, May 16, 2013

7 Easy Ways To Shop Smarter

Eat Before You Shop

Shopping while you're hungry only leads to unnecessary purchases, because your mind is so focused on being hungry or what you are craving. 

This was a common mistake for me. Shopping is a lot of work with two kids involved. I used to get them dressed, pack them a snack, and go. This alone took me about two hours, and then finally having to get myself ready. Obviously the last thing on my mind was eating. This was one of my biggest issues shopping.

Be Coupon Careful

How can you not find coupons appealing? They help us save on purchases, but are the purchases offered healthy item? Is the item purchased a necessity?

Always Carry A Shopping List

A shopping list guides you through the store, while preventing you from making unnecessary purchases. This will ensure that you get exactly what you came for. 

When I began grocery shopping, I always made a list, but constantly lost it and left it at home. This constantly left me guessing on what my family needed and open to picking things on impulse. I love trying new foods, but this way of shopping meant my money never spread as far as it could.

Don't Fall Victim To Samples

I know this is a hard one! The samples are always a great treat when grocery shopping, but how often are those samples served actually healthy? How long ago was it when you were offered a sample that wasn't fried, fatty, or sugary?

Don't Buy It, If You Don't Need It

Family-size and super-size packages of food can go to waste especially if you truly don't need it. You could possibly end up trashing a lot of it due to it spoiling. This means you're losing money! 

I was the kind of shopper who always wanted to get something "just in case." It was so easy for me to get into this mindset while I shopped, resulting in me over shopping, and not having money stored away for when I really need it. This also leads to food going to waste.

Become A Single Shopper

Purchase all your sweets and junk foods individually wrapped. 

This was a great help in my weight loss. When I began purchasing things in single, it really helped me manage my food portion consumption, and is also a great way to prevent my kids from over consuming unhealthy foods. 

Keep Your Eyes On The Time

The longer you spend in the store, it can result into you grabbing more unnecessary items. Give yourself enough time to search for your items, read labels, and check out. 

Applying This In My Life!

Grocery shopping was a hassle for me, and every time we went to the store it was always two to four hours before we left. During this time I never had a list so I wasted time walking around trying to remember what we needed, keeping the kids occupied,  and all the while trying to maintain staying out the way of other shoppers. Shopping used to be so stressful.  

From getting my kids ready and preparing myself to leave as well, to grocery shopping, it all just seemed so time consuming. Getting both the kids ready takes about an hour (on a good day), but by the time I'm dressed, I'm ready to take a nap!

Once I applied these changes, I saw a positive change in my shopping experience! I feel like I became a more organized shopper applying. Not only does the food last longer, but it seems like we get more for less. These small changes allowed me to not only benefit my shopping experience, but my health and pockets as well.  = )

Have you struggled with some of these same issues, even sometimes when you're just shopping by yourself?

Are there any tips that you've implemented in your shopping that you would like to suggest?


  1. Excellent tips Shavonda and I can definitely agree with all of them. I really liked the one about couponing. They are everywhere and I should know right? I look forward to seeing more of your blog postings. :) ~ Quida

  2. These are fabulous tips ... especially #1 ~ I am so busted if I go shopping and I'm hungry! All kinds of random things end up in my cart :)

    Thank you for liking my Facebook page at Raising Reagan!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  3. the first tip really hit the nerve :) really love this post so helpful and ill try to remember and eat before i shop

    Delightful Ideas

  4. Thank you for the tips. I think most of us are victims of impulse buying, especially when you are even hungry and you really need a bite. But that is exactly where we miss it. Thanks for the reminders.

  5. Thanks Everyone, I'm so glad you all found my tips useful. = )


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