Friday, April 24, 2015

My Birthday Party Planning Checklist (With Tips)

Party planning can be quite difficult, especially  if you're new to the game and not exactly sure what to do. I assembled an easy, simple, and to the point check list with tips on hosting a successful birthday party. Save time, money, and energy planning your child's next birthday party!

  • Create a list of people you would like to invite
  • Pick a party theme
  • Clean Any dishes, tableware, or glasses you may need 
  • Decide what food you will serve
  • Go Grocery Shopping 
  • Order a cake unless you plan on baking one
  • Develop your music playlist 
  • Clean the house or party location 
  • Send out a party reminder 
  • Do any last minute shopping 
  • Put any pets away
  • Start decorating
  • Cook & Prep Food
  • Have food, games, and music available for guest 
  • Enjoy yourself

If you're going to host a party always remember it's best to develop a plan first, so that you're prepared and eliminate any added stress that comes alone with hosting a successful party. 

To avoid over spending while getting your party supplies, always set a spending limit and be firm! Expense doesn't make a party fun, it's the creativity the host puts into party, so think of ways to have fun while spending less.

Always keep a party short, especially if you're hosting a kids birthday party (two- three hours max).

Balloons, cups, napkins, plates, and plastic utensils, and decorations can be purchased at Walmart, Dollar General, and especially Dollar Tree and usually are a dollar a piece.

Make sure you have snacks available for when your guest arrive, and activities available to keep the kids busy. 
-dance contest
-musical chairs

For more party planning tips check out:

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  1. We got married at my parents' home on top of a mountain, and the logistics, particularly the puzzle of shuttling vendors and guests up and down a one-lane mountain road, were handled effortlessly by my event planner.


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