Wednesday, January 21, 2015

6 Crafty Ways To Keep Your Kids Busy!

Parents, our jobs are never truly done. Finances, family, career, and home takes a big share of our time....a lot of the time. So I wanted to share a list of ways to keep your kids busy.
 These are all things I do for my children, especially when I need to buy time to study, make dinner,or do some work from home.

 All tips are simple and easy, so you and can get your kids busy today!

Paint or Draw a Picture
Gather paint, markets, crayons, anything that you can use to create a art station for your children. Splash and spill guards are great for protecting your home from messes, while your children enjoy their new art station. 

Build A Box House
Kids love making secret hiding places! Help your child make the best boxed house ever, go all out! Give them plenty of different kinds of boxes, shapes and sizes, glue, paint, glitter, the works!

Play Games
Playing games is a great way to keep your children occupied, but It's very important to monitor what they're doing if they're playing a game online. I was a little hesitant of letting my kids play games online, or even over the phone, but shockingly I came across quite a few games that eliminated all my concerns. There are games and apps that are made to lock so your child cannot access anything but the game being played, and can provide a fun environment while educating them.
Be willing to try all types of games when playing: board games, computer games & apps, and handhelds, whatever! You will be amazed at how much fun they have , the things they'll learn, and you might find yourself pulled into playing with them.

Make A Vision Board
Having a goal is key to becoming successful, and creating vision boards with your children at an early age is a great way to get them in a goal setting mindset early on.
Creating a vision board with your child gives them the opportunity to meditate on, and set goals they can achieve. 
It also can be a very fun experience, and can literally take up as much time as you need. All you need is cardboard boxes, old newspaper, magazines, and glue. 

Play an Active Video
Kids love to move! Playing videos to encourage that activity is a very quick way to tire them out quickly. What they learn from this is entirely up to the parent, considering the variety of videos you could play: yoga, dance, music, or and educational mix. They'll love it all!

Bake Something
Children love sweets, and if you get them in the kitchen while they're younger, they wont mind doing it so much when they get older. Baking with children can create wonderful memories, while you teach and connect with them. 
Other benefits of baking with kids include: learning real world math, precision development, reading and vocabulary building, and organization.


  1. looks like your so talent and having different skills.

    1. Thank you so much! I've actually recently just started blogging this consecutive and hope that you continue to stop by and check out more post and updates. Now that I have a strong direction of where I want this blog to go I would love more readers and bloggers to get involved! = )


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