Tuesday, January 06, 2015

5 Things I Want To Do This New Year

It's officially here, are you ready for the new year? Did you enjoy the countdown, develop your list of resolutions, or irritate your neighbors with cheap firework? Well if you didn't... I know I did! It was exciting but now the party is over and another year has started. What's next?

I've meditated on quite a few things for the New Year that I would like to see manifest in my life. Unlike randomly thinking of a list of resolutions, for the last four years, I've made my own personal goals and task list to reflect on for the year. I keep it handy as a friendly reminder of what I want to achieve for the year, and since I keep multiple copies around my house, there is no way I'm letting my goals slip by me.

Goal List 2015

Get Back In School
Continuing my education has always been a goal and passion of mines. Life has been a little rocky, raising my kids, recovering from second degree burns, moving into our house. Things are finally calming down in my life this seems like the perfect time to place my focus on school. Why school you ask? I learned early on as a parent it's all about the examples we set, and as a mom it's my job to set the example....to do that I need a degree.

To Become More Social 
Friends, social events, and family outings....I want to be involved, now it's time to make friends.

Get Active 
I swear that the holidays are created to slow you down, and fatten you up. Winter vacation hindered any recent fitness goals I've had, and led to me getting lazy. It's time to go running!

Join or Start A Parent Community
I'm sure this is not your average goal you would see on anyone's list, but a parent community just simply makes parenting easier. I can talk to other parents about my concerns with raising my children, get my kids involved in group activities, and continue to develop as a mommy

Get My Kids Active 
My kids need something to do and are overdue for some type of extracurricular program. I want to find and feed there passions. Whatever they enjoy or are talented in, I just want to be their to help them excel.


  1. Making a list of your goals will definitely help you get in touch with your priorities easier. I know how difficult it will be to achieve those goals as a single mom, Shavonda. However, you are one of the most inspiring and responsible women I've come across on the web, so I'm 100% sure you'll achieve your goals in no time. Thanks for sharing that! I wish you all the best! :)

    Carlos Strey @ The Bridge Across

    1. First I have to start off by saying this is one of the beautiful and sweetest comments I ever received on this blog, and Carlos I greatly appreciate you stopping by as a reader and showing such wonderful support. I've been new at this for a while and just hope to continue to provide any information that I can to help others. Thank You so much! = )


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