Tuesday, January 06, 2015

9 Tips for Single Parents

Raising a child can be difficult at times, as parents we are expected to nurture, care, and provide for our children, but what do you do when things seem like it's too much or just difficult. 

 So, I created a list of tips that can be beneficial in challenging situations.

Always Make Time for " Me" Time 
Your career, family, kids, and friends, but where exactly does that leave time for you?
Always put time aside to do something for you; this gives you the opportunity to be well rested and more responsive and fun when you're spending time with your family.

 Stop Worrying About Everything
Looking back, it is almost comical how scared I was when I first began raising my children. Since time has passed, I've learned that with parenting there will always be something to worry about. It's always best to focus on the solution than to worry about your problems. You're only magnifying your stress , and blocking your chances of a clear and confident decision.

Get Organized 
Getting organized simply makes it easier to get things done. A lot of the times we run late, or lose items, and cant even make room for new things. Getting organized eliminates the headache of malfunction and messes.

I've noticed as a single parent there will always be something to do, an errand to run, and a bill to pay....but when you multitask you get things done a lot quicker!
Multitasking has recently become big in my household. I love cooking but I hate to clean up the mess, so instead of avoiding the dishes, I clean while I cook. When dinner is done my kitchen is clean!

Develop a Routine
Shockingly, kids like routine. I wasn't really dominant for developing a routine when I first had my children, I honestly didn't think they needed a schedule since either of them was old enough for school (Young Mom & Dumb Thinking). Recently, I've learned children respond better to a routine, it give them a sense of security and helps them to develop discipline. Also, this is great time to make room for some "me" time. Do you know how me sessions I missed out on?

Be Consistent in Making a Connection 
Find ways to spend time with your kids, listen to them, and pursue their passions with them. This will open up the doors to make plenty of connections and build long term and strong healthy bonds with them. 

Link Up With Other Parents
There are plenty of great online communities that offer places for parents to get free advice online, get access to articles about raising healthy children, and getting involved in your local parenting community. Linking up with other parents makes it easier to find other resources and people that can assist you with your parenting concerns, and can also open the door for a long-term friendship with both parents and children.

Avoid Getting Burnout 
This was a common issue I faced as a young parent and new mother. I constantly found myself trying to be Supermom. After the will power wore off I was just so tired, cranky, and falling more behind. 
When you get tired, rest, it's always best to take time to meet your body needs and go back to things well rested with a clear head.

Be A Role Model
Parenting didn't get easier until I understood the best foundation for a parent is to be a role model. Setting an example for your child is key!

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  1. Good post.I would add one more piece of advice that always served me well as a single mother...Don't sweat the small stuff. If that small stuff is the the fact your living room is slightly messy when your get home from a full day and all the kids are wiped out or that their socks don't match on picture day...or everyday. If the kids are okay with mis matched socks, so be it.

    1. Now I'm mad I didn't think of it, I told myself that something was missing!That is a perfect finishing tip, and probably actually the most valuable thing you could tell a parent. Thank you so much for sharing such wonderful tips.
      Please make sure to stop back by


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