Monday, July 22, 2013

Plants Need Love Too

We all start as a seed—singular, tiny and beautiful—with hopes that we'll eventually grow into that accomplished flower.
As a seed plummets into Earth's soil, we are left with three decisions:
Do we let our dream, their dream, grow? Do we give them the tools to do something that no other plant has dared to even venture? Do we, inspire?
If we nurture, water and feed abundantly, the seed will then grow into that prosperous plant.
But as we hesitate like turtles to find an answer, the problem metastasizes and the seed is then drowning because of too much water.
Mal-nourished, forgotten and abandoned, the seed won't grow, won't transition into that unique color it so desperately wanted to flaunt.
You must decide whether or not a seed will grow. You must decide whether or not you want your child to blossom.
It all begins once your child enters his/her home for the first time.
What if I told you, you've only got 18 years to mold this now tiny seed into a well-rounded adult? Why 18 years? Well, within this time frame your child will be developing their own persona, their personality. Your job is to guide them in the right direction, so that by their 18th birthday they know the right way to act, that manners come second-hand, and that your opinion does matter, especially to them.
Try to be positive and reassuringit's contagious.
You don't have to be a botanist to know whether or not your child, the seed, is growing in a proficient manner.
There is a time period where children will garner the tools to someday build a country( and that time period is within those 18 years). Those tools are being bestowed from your callused fingers. The fingers that are full of soil, the chipped nails that no manicure could fix, and even the sweaty palms that are carrying the future to the pot where your seed will then grow.
It takes work growing the once tiny.
But then again, what doesn't?

Mitch Galloway’s Bio
Mitch Galloway cannot ride a bike without handlebars. He can’t swim… well, fly like birds or sing like fergie. Mitch, even hates roller coasters (he’s, believe or not, afraid of heights).  But there is one thing he can do, and that it pertains to writing.
Mitch has written for local newspapers, online websites and is currently the editor of his college paper (The Echo). Mitch loves writing and he believes writing loves him, too. So please critique him, enjoy him and read him—he hopes you enjoy his one talent.  
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