Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Moving On...

Warning contains burn pic!!!

The month of July was one of the most hardest months of my life, with going through surgery, losing complete mobility of my legs, and facing a long recovery... Everything I was working for just seemed to be put on hold.

A week into my bed rest, I found myself so depressed about my burns, never in my life before had I felt so limited. The pain was so extreme I didn't want to move, then not being able to recognize my left leg was scary. I felt like I was in a race and had already lost. In the midst of getting my business started,getting back in school, and packing up to move. My to do list was racking up daily, and I was in no condition to get anything done, I needed help just to get out of bed. My second week into recovery didn't seem any better.It was so frustrating to hear all the good reports from my doctor, and not see any of the results. My leg felt like a swollen baseball bat with a bowling ball attached to it. It was impossible to stand, walk, etc. The whole process was traumatic and still is difficult to process. I desperately wanted to be on my feet again just to cook a decent meal, and spend some time with my kids. I made up my mind, despite how I felt, I was going to walk. I wanted life to go back to being normal.

In life it's normal to experience accidents or face devastating events, but the way you look at events in your life can determine the whole process of getting through them. 

It was clear to me that I had to change my view of things, and stop focusing on the problem. I was ready to move on and get back to my life,there is only so much time in life that should be used on weeping, and the pain was enough to leave me out of tears. So I made a goal to walk daily by cleaning my room everyday as a small workout for my swollen leg. Three days into walking, hopping, and crawling around to clean my room - _- (SO SERIOUS) My swelling began to go down, and I began to notice some major improvements. This is literally one of the most difficult situations, I've had to face in my life. 

Looking back I'm astounded at how things changed so quickly. I would've stayed in the bed defeated, confused, and frustrated. I'm just so grateful that I made up my mind to walk. 

Never in life I will be fooled again. When we face obstacles, how we handle them determines if our outcome is a positive or negative one. I honestly believe had I stayed in bed upset about being there, I would still be there. 

I wasn't supposed to be on my feet this quickly. It's when you set your mind, and focus on getting through your problems rather than meditating on the problem you make way for a much more successful outcome. 

We all have our own difficulties but how you see them and handle them is absolutely everything!!

One of the first things I did when I was back on my feet!!

This is just a stepping stone for a breakthrough, what I'm going through won't defeat me. To those that are dealing with life issues, setbacks ... know that the same rule applies for you !!! 

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