Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Giving You Thanks

I wanted to make a post specifically for those who offered wonderful support during this difficult process. It has been extremely exhausting both mentally and physically dealing with my recent injuries.I'm just so amazed and appreciative to those who stepped in and offered a helping hand, love, and much needed support!

Thank you all so much. This was something that I know I wont bounce back from quickly, and it's just great to know how many people are here for me

To My Amazing Readers 

Not only do I appreciate your e-mails, prayers, messages of encouragement, but you all really do bring a smile to my face. I need all the smiles I can get right about now. Thank you all for supporting my blog, and me. You're the reason I even write on here in the first place. 

Thank You Donors 

It was you all who made the impossible, possible. This has been a very tough period in my life, and I'm so thankful for your help. With your support I'm reaching the goals to cover my medical expenses on my Go fund me page, so that I can continue to get the treatment I need for a healthy recovery.

Special Thanks To Supporters

Atlanta Mission located in Marietta, Ga is a wonderful organization, that provides emergency shelter, temporary shelter, recovery programming, job attainment and transitional housing for needy men, women, and children. After hearing about my recent setback they provided the school uniforms, and a majority of school supplies for my daughter.Thanks to a wonderful advocate and their amazing team,she has everything she needed for school.

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